Medical Systems Support

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History of MSS


MSS has a long and very interesting history. It began in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the early 70’s by a physician and his brother a computer programmer. Their company was called MICOMP and they wrote a program named “MSIS” Medical Systems Information System.

In 1980 the company was purchased by a company from Birmingham, AL named Dyatron and it was considered the Health Systems Division of Dyatron.  At that time we were an IBM Product sold by IBM offices across the country as health care solutions for small to medium size offices running on the IBM System 23 Datamaster.  Dyatron re-wrote the software to run on the IBM PC & IBM System 36 and in January of 1983 Mr. Poe joined the company as Marketing Manager.

In 1984 the Health Systems Division (formerly known as MICOMP) was moved from Colorado Springs to the Dyatron Corporate Headquarters in Birmingham.

In late 1985 Dyatron sold the Health Systems Division to Squibb Pharmaceuticals as its turnkey division and Mr. Poe was selected to run that division as Vice President of Squibb.

In 1987 Squibb merged with Bristol Myers but part of the merger required Squibb to sell all of the companies that were not considered “Ethical Drug business”.  At this time Harold Poe purchased the turnkey division from Squibb and Medical Systems Support (MSS) was born.

We had some very good years selling our own product until Windows became the main operating system used in the industry.  We were facing very tough competition from companies like Lytec when we were selling our non-windows product for $15,000.00 and they were selling a true windows based product for $995.00.  We slowly sunset our software product and became a Value Added Reseller for Lytec.

In the mid 90’s we started working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama installing and supporting an electronic claims product “PCEMC” and their later product “PCACE”.

In 2015 we decided to branch out and started our billing service. To date it has been a very successful venture.

While Mr. Poe remains the owner, Mrs. Michelle Attaway has assumed the duties of President and CEO.