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BillFlash Electronic Statements

In just a few minutes you can produce and mail your statements. Using our electronic statement service you eliminate printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, mailing, & trouble shooting monthly statements.

You save time, office supplies and money. Plus the staff will be available for more productive tasks!

5 Easy steps:
1. You upload statements to a file.
2. We print your statements.
3. You review your statements.
4. You can then modify, note or delete any statement.
5. After your approval of the statements we will have them in the mail by the next day.

Your patients receive high quality, professionally designed statements.
The best news is the cost. Total cost to you is only $.68 per statement (Single Page) mailed. Comparable cost to do statements in house is at least $.75 per statement and in most cases over $1.00.