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The Lytec® practice management (PM) system offers the stability that thousands of physicians nationwide trust to run their practices. Lytec 2017, is designed to help your practice maximize your revenue as you navigate an increasingly difficult regulatory landscape as well as shift towards patient responsibility. Lytec 2017 includes some exciting new features that will allow you to collect more per scheduled visit. 

Lytec 2017 New Features include:
• Accounts Receivable tracking tool
• ICD-10 search tool
• Integrated appointment reminder systems
• Plus much more….

Accounts Receivable Tracking Tool:
Offers practices the ability to drill down into their Patient and Insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding claims or statements. The drill down functionality will make it easy for your practice to work the AR and adding different collection tasks to your staff based on the condition of the receivables.  You can filter the AR Tracking tool by many different values in order to narrow the scope of your work to only those claims or statements that you are working at the time. 

Integrated Appointment Reminder Systems:
Autoremind offers practices the ability to send appointment reminders to patients with upcoming appointments. These reminders can be sent through phones calls, secure emails, and text messages. As a patient confirms their appointment, your Lytec 2017 system will update to reflect that confirmation status. 

ICD-10 Search Tool:
Lytec 2017 includes a powerful ICD-10 search tool to help practices quickly select billable codes and avoid claim denials due to lack of specificity. The fast, physician friendly tool helps you search by codes, clinical and bulling descriptions, abbreviations, and even by clicking on anatomical diagrams. It also prompts for secondary codes to support quality program reporting. 

Lytec Mobile
Using the combined offering of Lytec 2017 and Lytec Mobile, a no-fee application for the iPad® and iPhone®, Lytec can help your practice run smarter, optimize reimbursement and help improve productivity. Lytec Mobile provides you anytime and anywhere access to vital information so you can track your practice’s performance efficiently and easily. This ICD-10 ready app allows you to use your phone or tablet to view your schedule, transmit charges and capture diagnosis entries from anywhere. Using the combined offerings, Lytec 2017 and Lytec Mobile solutions support simplified patient accounting and can help you track and submit claims to your biller – all at the tap of a button.

Your Streamlined EHR Path
Help accelerate and simplify your electronic health record (EHR) implementation with a seamless upgrade to Lytec MD. This combined EHR and practice management solution is designed to minimize the disruption to your practice when implementing an EHR. Lytec MD can help provide a smooth and steady road to EHR.

Enhance Patient Communication with Add-On Services
e-MDs partners with several third party providers to extend Lytec’s practice management functionality. These optional services deliver tools designed to help improve communication with your patients.

BillFlash from NexTrust helps simplify the billing process by integrating with Lytec to create an easy-to-read invoice that’s delivered directly to your patients. To learn more, visit

AutoRemind helps automate your patient reminder process, allowing you to communicate with your patients using their preferred communication method – text, email or voicemail. For more information, visit